As you now know the accreditation process is split into two sections –  Peer Review for Type II and/or Type III agencies and Audit for all agencies.

The Peer Review and Audit processes are designed to be remote, except for the onsite audit visit, and all file and document sharing will be done electronically. To ensure a secure and convenient method of file sharing we haves sourced a secure cloud-based system called NextCloud. This is hosted within our own network and is managed by our IT team.

Agencies going through peer review

We will provide you with access to NextCloud at the time of your peer review if you are a Type II and/or Type III agency. The agency contact will be asked to sign a NextCloud User Agreement which will enable us to create your NextCloud account.

Your NextCloud account will give you access to an individual folder where you will upload the files that have been selected for peer review. Once the files have been uploaded to NextCloud we will save them to our servers and pass the files that have been selected for peer review onto the assigned peer reviewers.

Once the peer reviewer has completed and submitted their final report to us the files will be deleted from NextCloud and your account will be deleted.

All agencies going through Audit

After you have booked your audit our auditor will ask you to sign the Audit NextCloud User Form. You will be assigned an individual audit folder where you will upload the documentation required for your audit. The auditor will save the files you have sent to us and, once the audit is complete, the files and your NextCloud account will be deleted.