Director of Operations

Role Details

Closing Date: 31st January 2022 12:00pm
Salary: £82,560 - £92,770

Job Description

Do you have extensive senior level experience of leading large teams to excel in service delivery?

As the body responsible for managing Scotland's legal aid system, we take hundreds of thousands of decisions each year on applications for legal aid and accounts submitted by solicitors and advocates.

Our decisions and how we take them can have a life-changing impact. Our customers are often vulnerable and seeking help with significant problems: relationship breakdown, rent arrears, care for family members, asylum claims, criminal charges and many others. We have worked hard over recent years to improve the clarity of our guidance, the transparency of our decision-making and the consistency of our decisions.

The role of Director of Operations is both strategic and operational. You will lead our decision-making teams in the next steps of our improvement programme, driving a focus on customer service and ensuring our processes are accessible and efficient, and our decisions are sound and timely.

We are recruiting for this role via Eden Scott - please visit their website for Job Description, Information Pack and Application Form.

Other Career Opportunities

Criminal Defence Solicitors

we have vacancies in our Edinburgh and Dundee offices and are anticipating a number of vacancies within the next six months across the PDSO network.

Closes: 31st January 2022

Company Name:PDSO

Salary: From 38,970 up to £46,820