Pro-forma invoice for interpreter or translator fees

This guidance is applicable to civil, criminal and children’s legal aid.

A pro-forma invoice is attached at the end of this document for the interpreter to use to ensure that the information provided is consistent and sufficient for our assessment.

It is recommended that, you and the interpreter:

  • Use this form to certify that the information in the invoice is accurate

Agencies can:

  • Use their existing invoicing arrangements
  • Attach the signed pro-forma completed at your office or, alternatively, a copy of their own time sheet

If an interpreter is not prepared to accept the terms and conditions required by us then they should normally not be employed.

The contractual and invoicing arrangements will continue to be between the supplier and you as the instructing solicitor.

Payment of an interpreter’s fee should be made within a reasonable timescale, subject to the agreement you make.  Reimbursement of outlays can be made for these outlays under advice and assistance, subject to the current qualifying rules.

Download the pro-forma invoice here.

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