Wherever possible, you should use the online accounts systems to submit your account. See our Training, e-learning and LAOL section for support and guidance on using our online system.

If an interim claim is made, this does not imply that the disbursement is accepted as a valid charge under the children’s legal aid certificate. If it is determined that any interim fee or disbursement is not properly allowable or only allowable in part, you will be required to make any necessary repayment to the Fund.

Interim claims

You can submit more than one interim claim at one time as long as the relevant criteria are met.

Interim claims for fees and/or outlays should where possible be submitted using the new online system.  The relevant vouchers for any outlays incurred should be separately uploaded to the individual work item.

When submitting the final account using the new online system you need only add any additional work items that have not already been claimed for.

When submitting the final account using the old system you should ensure that all fees and outlays are included in the account.  This is because the system deducts any previous interim claims from the value of the final account processed.

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Interim claims of fees and outlays

Eligibility for interim reimbursement of fees and outlays

Find out when it is possible to apply for an interim claim of fees or outlays.