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12, Jan, 2018

VACANCY: Criminal Defence Solicitor - Dundee

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12, Jan, 2018

Glasgow City Council v SLAB judicial review case

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10, Jan, 2018

Police station duty fees and anticipated call rates.

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08, Jan, 2018

Police station arrangements from 25 January 2018

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03, Nov, 2017

Annual Report 2016-17 published

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SLAB/CELCIS research published on role of solicitor in Children's Hearings

Friday, Oct 14, 2016

Through the Children’s Hearings Improvement Partnership (CHIP), we commissioned research looking at the role of solicitors in the children’s hearings system.

The research report and executive summary have now been published. You can read about the CHIP’s work plan to take forward the recommendations made in the report.

The response of those who took part in the research reflected a largely positive view of solicitors’ role in the children’s hearings system. However, there are areas where things can be improved

We welcome the views that solicitors play a valuable role in the operation of the children’s hearings system.

We recognise that in some cases, relationships can be difficult and roles can be unclear. It is necessary for all of those working in the system to find ways of improving our working relationships and respecting the roles of others.

The CHIP wants to ensure that all partners in the system work together to resolve difficulties and build on the good work already being done to improve the operation of the children’s hearing system.

The CHIP has responded by creating the work plan to implement the recommendations.