Changes to SLAB’s approach to monitoring of legal services

Thursday, Oct 12, 2017

SLAB recently published its fifth report on the availability and accessibility of legal services.

Since the introduction of the duty in 2010, SLAB has now produced five annual reports, covering a diverse range of areas: from immigration and mental health law to wills and consumer problems.

However, as this work now enters its sixth reporting cycle, SLAB has considered how our work could be reformed, in order to build on progress already made and improve on any areas of weakness. 

Following consultation with the Scottish Government and SLAB’s Board, it has been agreed that in the coming year, we will move to a new model for the monitoring function.

Key aspects of the new model include:

Overall, we hope that these changes will result in a more targeted approach to the monitoring of legal services, while delivering maximum relevance and utility to SLAB, the Scottish Government, and interested stakeholders more widely.