No access to SLAB website and LAOL from old operating systems after Sunday 2 September

Friday, Jul 06, 2018

On Sunday 2 September SLAB will be following many other organisations in removing an older and less secure encryption method (known as TLS v1.0) from all of our secure infrastructure. This will include the SLAB website and the Legal Aid Online Portal.

This change is in line with steps taken by all web servers, web browsers, web software and email applications, who have had to discontinue TLS 1.0 support, or fall foul of important security updates.

For most people using up-to-date operating systems and web browsers, this will not make any difference to the way that our site looks and behaves because you will already be using newer and more secure encryption (TLS v1.2).

However, for the small number of people using older systems, it will no longer be possible to access any online SLAB facilities without upgrading.

Operating systems that will not work on our sites beyond Sunday 2 September are:

 All operating systems above that level should support the newer encryption but this will still depend on your web browser being maintained at a reasonably current level. If you are unsure that your operating system/browser will support TLS v1.2, please visit this web page: