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Grant Funding: Scottish Women’s Rights Centre Legal Project 2017 - 2018

Plan as to criteria

Section 4A of the Legal Aid (Scotland) Act 1986 enables SLAB to make grants for various purposes.

Prior to doing so, SLAB is required to publish a plan as to the criteria which it will apply in considering whether or not to make such a grant. 

This plan must be in accordance with any directions issued by the Scottish Ministers. The Scottish Ministers must approve the plan. 

SLAB will apply the following criteria:

The application must also incorporate information about the monitoring and project management arrangements including:

We have published the letter from Scottish Ministers providing the direction for the grant.

31, Jul, 2018

Criminal Justice Disability Project Report published

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30, Jul, 2018

RECRUITING: Housing and Benefits Peer Reviewers for SNSIAP

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27, Jul, 2018

Consultation on proposed changes to the Criminal Quality Assurance Scheme and peer review criteria

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06, Jul, 2018

No access to SLAB website and LAOL from old operating systems after Sunday 2 September

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28, Jun, 2018

Three more agencies achieve SNSIAP accreditation for quality of casework and representation

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