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Grant Funding: Scottish Women’s Rights Centre Legal Project 2019-20

Plan as to criteria

Section 4A of the Legal Aid (Scotland) Act 1986 enables SLAB to make grants for various purposes.

Prior to doing so, SLAB is required to publish a plan as to the criteria which it will apply in considering whether or not to make such a grant. 

This plan must be in accordance with any directions issued by the Scottish Ministers. The Scottish Ministers must approve the plan. 

SLAB will apply the following criteria:

The application must also incorporate information about the monitoring and project management arrangements including:

13, Jun, 2019

contactSCOTLAND BSL service extended

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03, May, 2019

Yasmean Malik fined for legal aid fraud

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08, Mar, 2019

SLAB welcomes new legal aid advisory panel

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14, Feb, 2019

Legal aid applicant fined after pleading guilty to fraud

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12, Dec, 2018

Annual Report 2017-18 published

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