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Part 1 of the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2016

The information contained in this section is to inform solicitors about changes resulting from the commencement on 25 January 2018 of Part 1 of the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2016.

In December 2017, the Scottish Parliament passed legal aid regulations to support the Act's commencement.

We will be adding our latest update to the page below and you can access all the guidance we have issued about the Act by using the buttons in the sidebar to the left of this page.

Latest updates

First four weeks of data for calls and attendances for police station advice

There are two sources of data available to us on the uptake of advice following the implementation of Part 1 of the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2016:

Please note: this is early data from a new system that we are still making adjustments to, so the figures are still provisional.

When comparing data to projections please be aware the latter were based on annual averages whereas these figures are for very short time frames. So they will be prone to fluctuation and seasonality.

Data from the Solicitor Contact Line (SCL) database

The SCL data shows that police station duty advice was delivered by both the private and public sector.

First four weeks post CJA

The SCL handled the following requests for duty advice:

Advice requests Antisocial hours Private solicitor attendances PDSO/SCL attendances Total number of attendances
Four-week total 459 64% 47 48 95

Advice & Assistance data

Since 25 January 2018, the following A&A for police station advice has been registered on the new streamlined SLAB system [each week runs to 10pm on Wednesday]:

           Cases               Private sector        
Three-week total 940 67%

This data will include some of the attendances arranged as duty but not all of those will yet be registered.

A&A data includes telephone advice and attendance as named solicitor.

For more information, pleas contact Kingsley Thomas, Head of Criminal Legal Assistance, thomaski@slab.org.uk