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News updates

July 2018: RECRUITING: Housing and Benefits Peer Reviewers for SNSIAP

June 2018: Three more agencies achieve SNSIAP accreditation for quality of casework and representation

April 2018: Fife advice agency awarded Scottish National Standards for Information and Advice Providers accreditation

June 2017: First advice agencies accredited under new Scottish National Standards process

May 2017: FAQs updated and key facts document about Peer Reviews released

December 2016: Key facts document published

November 2016: Performance Auditor for SNSIAP appointed

October 2016: Reminder – you can still apply for Type I SNSIAP accreditation

September 2016: Quality Assurance members recruitment for SNSIAP Peer Review scheme

September 2016: SNSIAP Type I accreditation testing to begin in November 2016

August 2016: Peer Reviewer recruitment for Peer Review scheme

August 2016: Subject Specialists recruitment for Moderation Committee

June 2016: Information for funders

June 2016: Consent guidance and new FAQs

May 2016: Revised dates for SNSIAP accreditation, audits and peer review

January 2016: Event: the Gathering; Charging and timescales; Advice sector survey results; Shared perspectives on the outcomes of advice conference workshop themes. 

November 2015: Announcement that SLAB to develop and implement new sustainable accreditation model for advice providers

January 2015: Funders' framework launched