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Legal Aid (Scotland) Act 1986 and associated legislation

Legal Aid (Scotland) Act 1986

1986 Act No 1 Commencement Order 1986

1986 Act No 2 Commencement Order 1987

1986 Act No 3 Commencement Order 1992

1986 Act No 4 Commencement Order 2001

1986 Act (Availability of Solicitors) Regulations 2001

Employment of Solicitors Regulations 2001

Employment of Solicitors Regulations - Criminal Legal Assistance Regulations 1998

Defamation or Verbal Injury direction 2010


Advice and Assistance

AA Financial Limit Regulations 1993

Advice and Assistance Regulations 1996

ABWOR Regulations 2003

AA and Civil financial conditions and contributions Regulations 2009


Civil Legal Aid

Civil Regulations 2002

Civil Fees Regulations 1989

Civil Fees (as amended) Regulations 1989

Act of Sederunt

Transfer of Tribunal Functions 2010


Childrens's Legal Aid

Children's Legal Aid Regulations 2013

Children's Legal Aid Regulations 1997

Act of Sederunt (Legal Aid Rules) (Children) 1987


Criminal Legal Aid

Criminal Prescribed Proceedings Regulations

Criminal Legal Aid Regulations 1996

Criminal Legal Assistance Duty Solicitor Regulations 2011

Criminal Fees Regulations 1989

Criminal Fixed Payment Regulations

Act of Adjournal (Criminal)

Criminal Appeals Determination by Secretary of State

Criminal Fees and Information Regulations 2008

Financial Conditions and Contributions Regulations 2011


Legal Aid for Contempt of court

Contempt Fees Regulations

Contempt - Determination