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2013 June to December mailshots and updates

These are the mailshots and updates we sent to the legal profession between June and December 2013.

Thursday, Jul 11, 2013

Improvements to Form 2

We told you in our update on 12 April 2013 that we have, in consultation with independent external researchers, been reviewing the Form 2 financial declaration forms. Our intention is to reduce the return rate for forms submitted by people applying for civil legal aid.

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Friday, Jun 28, 2013

Guidelines for interpreting and translation

We have revised the guidance for interpreting and translation to provide further clarity and flexibility over the arrangements.

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Thursday, Jun 13, 2013

Criminal Legal Assistance Update

Exceptional ABWOR Applications - You are currently only allowed fixed payments for providing ABWOR in summary criminal cases under regulations 6(1) and 6A of the Advice and Assistance (ABWOR) Regulations 2003.

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Thursday, Jun 13, 2013

Solemn Criminal Legal Aid Accounts update

This update provides details of the most frequently asked questions which arise during the assessment of solemn criminal legal aid accounts. A comprehensive solemn criminal accounts assessment manual will be available in the criminal legal aid handbook later this year.

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Thursday, Jun 13, 2013

Compliance Update

We would like to update you about some significant trends and issues arising from the compliance audits performed in 2012-13.

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Wednesday, Jun 12, 2013

Legal Aid Online Accounts Update

We are continuing to make good progress towards completing the development of Legal Aid Online accounts processes, third party access to Legal Aid Online (for example, to law accountants) and case management system integration.

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Tuesday, Jun 11, 2013

Children's Legal Assistance Update

This update provides information about the implementation date and transitional arrangements in respect of the legal aid aspects of the Children’s Hearings (Scotland) Act 2011, and information and guidance on the Board’s web site, online systems and Children’s Legal Assistance Team contact details. It also provides details of Service Standards, Registration, Roadshow FAQs and the Duty plan.

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Thursday, Jun 06, 2013

Switch to electronic mailshots to the profession

From June 2013, SLAB will stop sending mailshots to the profession by post. They will instead be emailed to solicitors.

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