Further information on the system changes to enable the verification of passported benefits with the DWP

Thursday, Jul 30, 2015

We advised you on Thursday 23rd July that we have upgraded our systems to allow the DWP automated link to be used for civil legal aid applications with effect from Monday 27th July. You will notice some changes to the CIVSOL, AMEND and Financial Eligibility - Form 1 applications due to the system upgrade and we would like to provide a brief overview of what these changes are.

Some validations have been added to the system to assist in the submission of the correct financial eligibility form, namely:

• Where you choose CHAG, RENF or AISAW as the primary category code, you will be prevented from choosing an ancillary code. This change will affect both CIVSOL and AMEND applications.
• In the following circumstances you are not required to submit a Financial Eligibility Form 1 as no means assessment is required:

  • Primary category is AISAW,
  • Primary category is CHAG and the applicants interest is pursuer, petitioner or minuter,
  • Primary category is RENF and the applicants interest is pursuer or minuter.

We have improved the layout and usability of the Form 1 and you will notice the following changes:

• If you answer Yes to either of the following new questions you will be prevented from submitting a Form 1 and directed to provide a Form 2:

  •  Is the applicant making this application as the executor of an estate?
  •  Is the applicant a child who is reasonably and appropriately undergoing instruction at an educational establishment, or training for employment or for a trade, profession or vocation?

• Where you have completed the Applicant signed and signed date section of the Applicants Declaration tab, these will automatically default within the Financial Eligibility Form 1 for your convenience. Please note that you will be prevented from submitting the application if it is more than 28 days since the client’s signature was obtained on form CIV/LAO.

Where the primary category code is AISA, we have made the Financial Eligibility Form 1 clearer to ensure the incapacitated adult’s details are provided and not the applicants. You will be asked to verify that you have entered the incapable adult’s details before the application can be submitted.

We advised you that if the DWP does not confirm that your client receives a passporting benefit, we will reject the application and asked that any clarification on the Form 1 details is provided by way of an online message. A further Form 1 is not required. To assist with this process we have removed the facility to submit multiple Form 1s.

We hope you find this information beneficial however should you have any queries, please contact Cindy Morrice, Civil Finance Manager - 0131 240 2199, morriceci@slab.org.uk or Claire Ewart, Civil Finance, Senior Technical Specialist - 0131 240 2091 - ewartcl@slab.org.uk

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