A&A system development to focus on Criminal first

Thursday, Jul 27, 2017

Criminal A&A/ABWOR is changing

This update is to tell you about system enhancements to Legal Aid Online’s Criminal A&A and ABWOR application functions that will go live in late August.

UPDATED August 2017 - Preview videos demonstrating the new screens and layout are on our redesigned LAOL Hub. The Criminal videos are availbale in the Applications e-learning section and the common function videos can be found here.

Please note that this is a system upgrade. We are not changing any legal aid processes. 

Why are you making changes?

The changes to Criminal A&A and ABWOR are part of our ongoing redevelopment of LAOL’s A&A Applications.

Civil and Children’s A&A will follow.

When do the updates go live?

We are currently developing and testing these new versions and they will go live in late August. We will notify you when they are due to go online.

What’s changing?

Improvements are being made to the LAOL application screens. We’re also introducing separate A&A and ABWOR applications.

You will see changes to the layout of the application screens. This has been upgraded. For users of our online accounts function these will look and feel like the new Account screens.

Some questions on the application screens have been re-worded.  We have also identified areas for improvement, such as the structure of some of the questions. This mainly affects the Verification section.

You will find the A&A applications, once the changes are implemented, under the Criminal Tab on LAOL.  The A&A tab will be removed once the other aid types have been deployed.

Benefits of the changes

Some benefits of the new upgrade are:

  • Reduced number of applications rejected, refused or continued: the online application process will determine and filter relevant questions depending on responses given throughout the application, as well as introduce improved validations.
  • Improved communications: SLAB staff will have access to the same application view as you
  • More straightforward process: We are introducing separate ABWOR applications and a new way of uplifting A&A to ABWOR, instead of using the Increase applications
  • Ensure correct ABWOR types applied: greater clarity on the different Criminal ABWOR types so correct types are applied


Send us your feedback on the new screens

We have created some preview videos demonstrating the new screens and layout in advance of the implementation.

As users of our online system, we would appreciate your feedback of the new screens - please get in touch by email if you have any comments.

We will review your feedback and suggestions with a view to prioritising and implementing any further changes that will benefit LAOL users.

More information
Please contact Christine Connerton, Digital Services Marketing Officer, 0131 240 2057, connertonch@slab.org.uk

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