Surveys show solicitor satisfaction with SLAB service but identify areas of concern

Monday, Oct 08, 2018

A series of micro-surveys run over a six-month period across all legal aid types have shown a high degree of solicitor satisfaction with our applications and accounts service.

Various individuals and teams were mentioned for praise and thanks. We have passed these on. The processing speed of accounts was among the other positives noted in the responses, in addition to the helpfulness of staff in applications and accounts.

A number of issues were highlighted, with the most prevalent theme being dissatisfaction across criminal and civil in relation to abatements to accounts.

Suggestions received from solicitors about civil applications included notifying solicitors when information was received directly from the client and sending reminder texts to applicants. Investigation and analysis will now be carried out to see what system or process changes can be introduced as a result of the feedback.

The micro-survey responses will supplement information previously gathered through other methods, such as complaints and full solicitor surveys to help us review our business processes.

Six email micro-surveys were done from April 2018 on a three-month cycle alternating between each aid type – Criminal, Civil and Children’s. Only solicitors who had made an application in the previous three months received the three-question survey.

The surveys’ first two questions were about accounts and applications, while the third provided solicitors with the ability to comment or provide details in a free text box.


For more information, please contact:

Anne Dickson, Director of Strategic Development


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