Improvements made to Legal Aid Online Declarations and Forms page

Thursday, Sep 21, 2017

The Forms and Declarations pages on our website have been updated and made easier to navigate. 

We have streamlined the way users can access this information by developing a Document Finder tool to make the selection process much simpler. 

Document Finder

We have created a Document Finder tool to help you easily find the Legal Aid Online declaration or financial form you require. The finder will take you through a series of logical questions and then present you with the document you need along with any guidance relevant to your situation.

The Document Finder can be found on the Forms & Declarations page. You will still be able to browse all available online declarations or forms on the dedicated webpages if you prefer to locate documents that way.

Removal of obsolete forms

After engaging with a number of solicitor firms we have reduced the number of forms available on our website.

We have removed the civil and children’s data capture forms following feedback from solicitors that their usefulness had come to an end.  We initially produced data capture forms to assist firms during the early days of moving all legal aid applications online. The data capture forms for criminal legal assistance remain available as it was agreed they still serve a purpose for practitioners in their day to day practice.

The AA/FIN Capital Mandate form has also been removed because the AA/LAO/CIV, AA/LAO/CRIM and AA/LAO/CHLA declaration forms now include a question about whether the applicant has any capital. This means that you are no longer able to select Capital Mandate Form from the capital list of evidence  seen on Legal Aid Online and must select another form of evidence instead. Please remember balances held in any of the applicant’s bank, building society or Post Office accounts may be used to verify that they have no savings. Where you are shown an account via a device such as an iPhone etc, you should note the account and sort code numbers and the balance held in the account(s) for the previous seven days prior to granting the applicant A&A.

For more information please contact:
Ann Forbes-Partington, Operations Delivery, by email at or by phone on 0131 240 2072.


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