Full release of online accounts pilot phase 1 products

Friday, Mar 04, 2016

We previously notified the profession that we planned to fully roll out the products trialled in phase 1 of the online accounts pilot during the early part of 2016.

Our aim was to deliver a robust product that would benefit both the profession and SLAB. Since the phase 1 pilot began on 21st September 2015, firms participating in the trial have assisted us by submitting a wide range of accounts. This has allowed us to successfully trial the full functionality of the external and internal systems.

As we are now satisfied that the new screens are performing well we plan to roll out the phase 1 products to all firms on 7th March 2016.

Phase 1 products

The products that were trialled in phase 1 were:

  • A&A and ABWOR accounts covering civil, children’s and criminal advice.
  • Summary fixed fees.

With effect from the 7th March you will be able to submit final accounts for the account type’s trialled in phase 1 using the new account screens.  

What accounts should still be submitted using the current screens? 

You should continue to use the current account screens or submit in paper form as usual where:

  • Civil advice and assistance proceeded to a full grant of legal aid.
  • Summary fixed fees where Counsel has been instructed.  This is because we have still to carry out the development required allowing us to pay Counsel direct.
  • Summary fixed fees where Counsel has conducted a bail appeal. 
  • Accounts where you have previously submitted a claim for interim payment.

You should also continue to send accounts in paper form for any aid type where there has been a transfer.

How will I know which screens to use?

When the phase 1 products are rolled out we will give firms a few weeks to familiarise themselves with the new screens. During this time you will still be able to submit accounts using the current screens. We plan to remove the ability to submit phase 1 products using the current screens by 31st March 2016.

Once we give your firm access to the new screens you will see a new tab named ‘Accounts’. Selecting this tab will give you access to the new account screens.


We would strongly recommend that you start using the new screens as soon as possible as this will give you time to contact us if you require further assistance. 

Phase 2 launch

Our plan is to launch phase 2 shortly after the full phase 1 roll out. Phase 2 will consist of:

  • Solemn – Tables A, B & C 
  • Summary Time and Line
  • Paper process – for paper accounts

As with phase 1 the firms participating in the phase 2 pilot will be asked to provide feedback on system usability and performance. 

Training videos

We have set up a guidance section on our website where you will be able to access training videos and interactive PDFs for the products being fully rolled out as well as the Pilot 2 products.

Please open this page and bookmark it so that you are able to access it easily whenever necessary. A link to the guidance section has also been added to the LAOL login screen.

WEBINAR’s are available for the products rolled out in phase 1 as well as the phase 2 products for firms participating in the pilot.

For further information or to arrange a webinar, please contact: Christine Connerton, Digital Services Marketing Officer: connertonch@slab.org.uk


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