30% of firms registered for legal aid get improved listings on our Solicitor Finder tool

Thursday, Mar 10, 2016

We have updated the Solicitor Finder tool on our website with extended information for 30% of the firms registered for legal aid, including details on types of legal aid work done and office accessibility for disabled applicants.

The enhanced information now provided on the Solicitor Finder is intended to help people find a solicitor suitable to their needs by ensuring it is accurate and up to date.

It is visited over 12,000 times a year and is a valuable source of information for people who find themselves in need of legal advice. It is also a free marketing tool for firms who carry out legal aid work.

It is therefore in the best interests of firms and their potential clients that all details are kept up-to-date and as full as possible.

To update firm details we used information received through a questionnaire sent to the profession. However, of the 1171 firm administrators we contacted, only around 350 responded to the survey.

As a result we can now only supply basic contact and case type information for the 70% of firms who did not provide updated details.

The information we previously held for many firms was over five years old and led to regular complaints from members of the public that details such as the types of cases handled were no longer accurate.

Please note it is up to individual firms to keep us informed of any changes to your details or services you offer.

If you didn’t respond to the questionnaire, please fill out this form to have the types of legal aid work and accessibility information added to the Solicitor Finder.

For further information, please contact our Communications team .

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