Other languages and formats

Translate web content

At the foot of every webpage there is the option to select the language you would like the content to be translated into. This option uses Google Translate.


Translate pages and attachments with BrowseAloud.

Our website uses the BrowseAloud assistive software to add speech, reading and translation support tools to our online content.

Launch the BrowseAloud panel, shown in the image below, by clicking the ‘Listen’ icon which appears on every page of the website.

BrowseAloud dashboard

BrowseAloud provides translations in a range of languages using the corporate version of Google Translate.

BrowseAIoud can also read web pages and documents aloud in the language selected.

Translations provided by the panel may not be 100% accurate, but feedback received by BrowseAloud shows that people speaking English as a second language find it easier to understand web content using the written translations in combination with spoken voices (see ‘Listen’ information below).

Alternative formats

We are committed to making our website as accessible as possible for all our users and have an ongoing programme of making useful updates and improvements.

Currently the Browsealoud software on our website offers content in the following alternative formats:

  • Speech – web pages can be read directly in over 90 languages or an MP3 created for use later
  • Larger text – the size of text can be increased using the text magnifier
  • Simplified text –the layout of the page can be streamlined, with an option to change the colour/contrast of the text also available.
  • Screen masked text – this option highlights a section of the page and is moved by your cursor.

We are always happy to receive feedback. Please email Communications if you have any comments or require further assistance.

Listen - Hear this site with BrowseAloud

BrowseAloud reads web pages aloud for people who find it difficult to read online. You can launch the BrowseAloud panel by clicking  the ‘Listen’ icon which appears on every page.