Closed Material Procedure under the Justice and Security Act 2013

The Closed Material Procedure allows for the disclosure of information sensitive to national security in closed proceedings, to a judge and a Special Advocate appointed to represent the other party’s interests, without having to disclose the material to the other party, their usual legal representatives, or the public.

Where a grant of legal aid is in place for the underlying ‘open’ proceedings, there is no need for a fresh legal aid application to be submitted in respect of the Closed Material Procedure.

You should notify us with an online message that the Closed Material Procedure has been invoked and provide details.

The applicant and the nominated solicitor do not have a role in the closed proceedings, so we would not expect significant costs to be incurred in connection with the Closed Material Procedure itself.

However, if needed, a case cost increase application may be submitted to cover the cost of any additional work necessitated by this procedure.


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