Speak to a specific team or department

You can call our switchboard number (0131 226 7061) and then enter the relevant dialling shortcut to be directed straight to the team you wish to speak to:

First choose a department… …then the team …then the subject… …then dial shortcut
Principal Sums 2601
Accounts Civil Accounts A&A 2478
A&A Immigration 2409
A&A Mental Health 2431
Civil 2479
Criminal Accounts Solemn & Summary detailed 2423
Summary Fixed fee or Duty Accounts 2427
A&A and ABWOR 2482
Children’s Accounts 2483
Collections Unit 2556
Technical Support 2413
Applications Civil applications A&A financial verification 2370
Details regarding rejection of financial application 2417
Legal merits of application 2386
Financial information about an applicant 2391
A&A increases and ABWOR 2379
Children’s Applications 2633
Criminal Applications Sanctions & appeals 2222
All other criminal applications enquiries 2204
Duty plans 2278
Switchboard 0