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Please use the 'Forms and declarations finder' below to locate the form you need.

Forms and declarations finder

Accounts and financial forms

Download forms to submit financial information about your client, certain claims for reimbursement or payment and other accounting functions.

Legal Aid Online declarations

Download declaration forms to obtain a client’s details and signature before making an application for them on Legal Aid Online.


You apply for legal aid and submit your accounts through Legal Aid Online.

However a small number of our forms and declarations are available in paper format. This is because:

  • Paper declarations enable you to capture your client’s signature and details before submitting an application to us through Legal Aid Online.
  • Forms still in paper format are for those accounting processes that have not been replaced by Legal Aid Online. They also enable solicitors to record financial information about a client and submit certain requests for payment and reimbursement.

You should be able to complete any task on Legal Aid Online where you don’t see a form or declaration.

Please contact the LAOL team by email or by calling 0131 240 2057 if you have any questions or need further assistance using the online system.

Popular downloads

Financial Eligibility Form 2 [CIV/FIN/2]

Financial Eligibility Form 2 [CIV/FIN/2]

This is for applicants not in receipt of a passported benefit. Polish and Punjabi versions are available for guidance only. A bilingual Urdu-English table is also available. Please contact us to request any of these.

Form 1 should be used if your client is in receipt of a passported benefit. These are income-based JSA and ESA, or Income Support or Universal Credit. This form is only available through Legal Aid Online.

  • PDF
  • 313 KB

Civil Advice and Assistance / Civil ABWOR Declaration [Guidance]

  • DOCX
  • 241 KB
Civil Legal Aid Declaration [CIV/SOL]

Civil Legal Aid Declaration [CIV/SOL]

  • PDF
  • 2 MB