Accounts and financial forms

Some accounting and financial processes remain paper based. The forms on our website can be used to submit financial information about your client, certain claims for reimbursement or payment and other accounting functions.

Advice & Assistance

Civil Legal Assistance

File Type Size
Financial Eligibility Form 3 [CIV/FIN/3]

Earnings statement by applicant's employer.

1 MB | 28 November 2005
Civil Account Synopsis and Conclusion of Proceedings [CIV/ACC/CONC]

Guidance is available on how to complete this form.

90 KB | 28 February 2009
Payment on Account of Fees [SLA/POA/3]

Regulatory option for interim payment of fees.

246 KB | 28 November 2015
PDF 246 KB
Civil Finance Financial Assessment Form [REC/44G]

This form should be completed by clients who are due to pay money to us.

142 KB | 17 September 2019
PDF 142 KB
Financial Eligibility Form 4 [CIV/FIN/4]

Financial Eligibility form for Self Employed applicants. A Polish version is available for guidance only on request

1 MB | 23 October 2019
Financial Eligibility Form 5 [CIV/FIN/5]

Financial eligibility form for Service Personnel.

173 KB | 23 October 2019
PDF 173 KB
Application for Reimbursement of Outlays [CIV/RES]

You can also apply for reimbursements directly through Legal Aid Online.

73 KB | 23 October 2019
AWI form 33 KB | 17 January 2024 DOCX 33 KB
Financial Eligibility Form 2 [CIV/FIN/2]

This is for applicants not in receipt of a passported benefit. Polish and Punjabi versions are available for guidance only. A bilingual Urdu-English table is also available. Please contact us to request any of these.

Form 1 should be used if your client is in receipt of a passported benefit. These are income-based JSA and ESA, or Income Support or Universal Credit. This form is only available through Legal Aid Online.

313 KB | 21 May 2024
PDF 313 KB

Children's Legal Assistance

Criminal Legal Assistance

Application for increase in duty

Application for increase in duty capped limit/duty sanction

Complete this form to apply for an increase in the duty capped limit/duty sanction.

Guidance is available from when accounts moved to Legal Aid Online to help you complete the finance forms.

Rights of audience solicitors

File Type Size
Claim for Payment by Rights of Audience Solicitors [ACC/ROAS/1] 72 KB | 28 June 2012 PDF 72 KB

Detailed accounts guidance

File Type Size
Solemn Model Account 392 KB | 28 March 2019 PDF 392 KB
Solemn FAQs 88 KB | 28 March 2019 PDF 88 KB