Eligibility enquiries

The tests you need to meet to qualify for civil legal aid are split between:

Financial tests

  • Your financial situation – can you afford your legal costs without help from us?

Use our eligibility estimators to work out if you are likely to qualify financially for legal assistance.

If you have questions about financial eligibility, you can contact our Financial Assessment Unit by email at financial@slab.org.uk or by phone (open Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm) on 0131 560 2164.

Merits tests

  • You have ‘probable cause’ – is there a legal basis to take your case forward?
  • It’s reasonable to spend public money to support your case – is it likely to succeed?

You can learn more about these criteria on myGov.scot.

We cannot tell you whether legal aid will be granted for your case over the phone. However we can explain whether legal aid is available in principle, let you know about the application process and the information your solicitor will need to provide.

You can contact the Civil Merits Team by email at merits@slab.org.uk or by phone (open Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm) on 0131 240 2009 if you have questions about the merits tests.