Legal Aid Online category codes

Civil advice and assistance/ABWOR category codes:

Code Description Standard or diagnostic Initial limit ABWOR without our permission
ADO Adoption Standard £135/£180 No
AISA Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act Standard £135/£180 No
AJA Administration of Justice Act Standard £135/£180 No
ALI Aliment Standard £135/£180 No
ASBO Antisocial behaviour orders (ASBO) Standard £135/£180 No
ASNT Additional Support Needs Tribunal Standard £135 ABWOR requires prior SLAB approval
ASY Asylum application / appeal Standard £135/£180 Yes
BENA Benefit appeals or reviews Standard £135 No
BEND Benefits Diagnostic £50 No
BOC Breach of contract Standard £135/£180 No
BOI Breach of interdict Standard £135/£180 No
CA Civil appeal Standard £135/£180 No
CCA Community care – assessment of need, eligibility / charging for services and direct payments Standard £135/£180 No
CDAC Crime and Disorder Act Standard £135/£180 No
CEXC Exclusion orders under sections 76 to 80 of the Children (Scotland) Act 1995 Standard £180 No
CHSC Child Support Commissioners Standard £135/£180 No
CICA Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority Standard £135 No
CNT Contact Standard £135/£180 No
COHA Co-habitee rights under family law Standard £135/£180 No
COM Complaints Diagnostic £50 No
CONV Conveyancing Standard £135 No
CROF Crofting Standard £135/£180 No
CSA Child Support Agency Standard £135 No
CSTD Counter-Terrorism seizure of travel documents Standard £135 No
CTEO Counter-Terrorism Temporary Exclusion Order Standard £135 No
CURA Curator ad litem Standard £135/£180 No
CVGA Civic Government (Scotland) Act Standard £135/£180 No
CVPT Civil partnerships Standard £135/£180 No
DBTD Debt – value less than £500 Diagnostic £50 No
DBTS Debt – value £500 and above Standard £135/£180 No
DEC Declarator Standard £135/£180 No
DEL Delivery Standard £135/£180 No
DGOV Disciplinary proceedings before governor in relation to a prisoner Diagnostic £50 No
DISA Disclosure Scotland Act Diagnostic £50 No
DISC Discrimination Standard £135/£180 No
DIV Divorce Standard £135/£180 No
DPA Data Protection Act Diagnostic £50 No
DSAL Division and sale Standard £135/£180 No
DVLA Driving licence summary application Standard £135/£180 No
ECHR European Court of Human Rights Diagnostic £50 No
EDUC Education (Scotland) Act – civil Standard £135/£180 No
EJC European Judgement Convention Standard £135/£180 No
EMP Employment Standard £135/£180 No
ET Employment Tribunals Standard £135/£180 ABWOR requires prior SLAB approval
EURO European agreement Standard £135/£180 No
EVIC Eviction Standard £135/£180 No
EXE Executry Standard £135/£180 No
EXEA Executry – petition for executor dative Standard £135/£180 Yes
FAI Fatal accident inquiry Standard £135/£180 No
FAM Family / matrimonial Standard £135/£180 No
FEO Fines enforcement and collection Diagnostic £50 No
FLA Full civil legal aid Standard £135/£180 No
FOI Freedom of information Diagnostic £50 No
FTO Failure to obtemper Standard £135/£180 N/A
HAG Hague Convention applications (child abduction) Standard £135/£180 No
HBEN Housing benefit Standard £135/£180 No
HLES Homelessness Standard £135/£180 No
HODP Home owners and debtor protection Standard £135/£180 No
HOU Housing Diagnostic £50 No
HRCI Human Rights Act Diagnostic £50 No
HRTS Heritable rights Standard £135/£180 No
HSO Historical Sexual Offences (Pardons & Disregards) Standard £135 Yes
IMN Immigration / nationality Standard £135/£180 Yes
IMPL Implement Standard £135/£180 No
INT Interdict Standard £135/£180 No
JR Judicial review Standard £135/£180 No
LDTN Landlord and tenant Standard £135/£180 No
LIC Licensing Act Diagnostic £50 No
MEDN Medical negligence Standard £135/£180 No
MENO Mental Health Act – Care and Treatment Act Standard £135 Yes
MHAA Matrimonial Homes Act ABWOR Standard £135 Yes
MHAC Matrimonial Homes Act non-ABWOR Standard £135/£180 No
MRA Mortgage Rights (Scotland) Act Standard £135/£180 No
NHO Non-harassment order Standard £135/£180 No
OCON Other conventions Standard £135/£180 No
OTH Other civil Diagnostic £50 No
PASB Protection from Abuse (Scotland) Act non-ABWOR Standard £135/£180 No
PAY Payment Standard £135/£180 No
PERO Permanency order Standard £135/£180 No
PFAC Advice on dispute resolution using the Homeowner Housing Panel (HHP) Standard £135 No
POAT Power of attorney Standard £135 No
POCC Proceeds of Crime (Scotland) Act – civil Standard £135/£180 No
PRIS Prison rules Diagnostic £50 No
PRT Pensions Regulator Tribunal Standard £135 ABWOR requires prior SLAB approval
REDU Reduction Standard £135/£180 No
RENF Reciprocal enforcement Standard £135/£180 No
REP Reparation – personal injury Standard £135/£180 No
REPO Reparation other / damages Standard £135/£180 No
RES Residence Standard £135/£180 No
RHP Recovery of heritable property Standard £135/£180 No
SCCI Scotland Act 1998 – civil only Diagnostic £50 No
SEP Separation Standard £135/£180 No
SEQ Sequestration Standard £135/£180 No
SIM Simplified divorce Standard £135 No
SOA Sex Offenders Act Standard £135/£180 No
SSC Social security commissioners – appeal Standard £135£180 No
SUMA Summary application Standard £135/£180 No
TOA Transfer of agency – civil cases Diagnostic £50 No
UKSC Application to the UK Supreme Court Standard £135/£180 No
VAR Variation Standard £135/£180 No
VDT VAT and Duties Tribunal Standard £135 ABWOR requires prior SLAB approval
WIL Wills Standard £135 No
WITC Witness citation – civil Diagnostic £50 No

Criminal advice and assistance/ABWOR category codes

Code Description Advice and assistance initial limit ABWOR initial limit ABWOR merits test applied by solicitor PF / police reference number, where not available, date of offence required?
ABD Abduction £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
AMU Attempted murder £215 N/A N/A – no ABWOR Yes
ANI Animals (dangerous dogs etc.) £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
APL Criminal appeal £115/£215 N/A N/A – no ABWOR No
ASS Assault £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
ATTP Attempting to pervert the course of justice £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
BBC Breach of bail conditions – 27(1)(b) £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
BCPO Breach of community payback order £115 £215/£290 No No
BCRO Breach of community reparation order £115 £215/£290 Yes Yes
BCS Breach of a community service order £115 £215/£290 No No
BENF Social Security Administration Act £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
BIA Breach of interdict and power of arrest Note – no ABWOR financial eligibility test required £115 £215/£290 No No
BNHO Revocation / variation of a non-harassment order £115 £215/£290 No No
BOAS Breach of ASBO £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
BOP Breach of the peace £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
BOU Breach of Undertaking S22(ZA)(1b) & 22ZA £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
BPRB Breach of a probation order £215 £215/£290 No No
BRLO Variation / revocation / breach of a restriction of liberty order £115 £215/£290 No No
BSA Breach of a supervised attendance order £115 £215/£290 No No
BSEX Breach of Sex Offenders Act 1997 – Certain sexual acts outside UK £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
BYL Byelaws £50 N/A N/A – No ABWOR No
CGAI Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 – indecent photographs: possession, making, distribution £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
CGAO Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 – other. £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
CGAT Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 (Section 57 – theft with intent etc.) £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
CJLA Sections 28 to 50 of the Criminal Justice & Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010 £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
CJPO Return of sound equipment £50 £215/£290 No No
CLA Criminal Law (Consolidation) (Scotland) Act £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
COMM Communications Act £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
CPPO Conviction of probationer following offence during probation period £115 £215/£290 No No
CSO Amendment / revocation of a community service order £115 £215/£290 No No
CULP Culpable and reckless conduct £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
CYPA Children and Young Persons (Scotland) Act 1937 £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
DG Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
DJEP Double Jeopardy (Scotland) Act 2011 Note – no ABWOR financial eligibility test required £50 £215/£290 No No
DOMA Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act 2018 £50/£115/£195 £330/£705 Yes Yes
DTTO Variation / revocation / review / breach of a drug treatment and testing order £115 £215/£290 No No
EDU Education (Scotland) Act 1996 £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
EMB Embezzlement £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
EWA Emergency Workers Act £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
EXTR Extradition £115 N/A No – summary legal aid only No
FIR Firearms Act £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
FRA Fraud £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
FTAO Breach of bail conditions – other £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
FTAP Breach of bail conditions – 27(1)(a) £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes. ABWOR not available if summary Yes
HB Theft by housebreaking £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
HOM Culpable homicide £215 N/A N/A – no ABWOR Yes
LICO Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
MCC Means enquiry / fines £50 N/A N/A – no ABWOR No
MUR Murder £215 N/A N/A – no ABWOR Yes
OBF Offensive Behaviour at Football & Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012 £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
OBWI Obstructive witness order
Note – No ABWOR financial eligibility test required
£50 £215/£290 No – but ABWOR can only be provided to witnesses in solemn procedure cases No
OFW Offensive weapon – includes Criminal Law (Consolidation) (Scotland) Act 1995 £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
ORD Specification of Documents
Note – no ABWOR financial eligibility test required
£50 £215/£290 ABWOR requires prior SLAB approval No
OSC Checking outstanding cases / warrants / charges £50 N/A N/A – no ABWOR No
OTC Other criminal £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
PAR Proceedings in Parole Board cases £115 £215 No No
PERJ Perjury £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
POC Proceeds of Crime (Scotland) Act 1995 and Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 £50 £215/£290 ABWOR requires prior SLAB approval No
POL Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Act 2012 £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
PRS Prisons (Scotland) Act 1989 £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
RCPO Review of a community payback order £115 £215/£290 No No
RDLC Removal of disqualification from driving Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988 Section 42 £50 £215/£290 ABWOR requires prior SLAB approval No
ROB Robbery £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
RPRB Progress review of a probation order £115 £215/£290 No No
RST Reset £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
RTA Road Traffic Act £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
SAO Amendment / revocation of a supervised attendance order £115 £215/£290 No No
SCRC Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission £115 N/A N/A – no ABWOR No
SEX Sexual offences – includes Criminal Law (Consolidation) (Scotland) Act 1995 £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
TERC Counter-Terrorism & Security Act 2015 £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
TERF Warrant for further detention (or extension) under Terrorism Act 2000 Note – No ABWOR financial eligibility test required £50 £215/£290 No No
TERR Terrorism £215 N/A N/A – no ABWOR Yes
THF Theft £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
TMV Theft of motor vehicle £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
TOAC Transfer of agency £50 N/A N/A – no ABWOR No
UTT Uttering £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
VAN Vandalism – includes culpable, common law and statutory £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
VCPO Variation / revocation / discharge of a community payback order £115 £215/£290 No No
VERA Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994 £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
VFBO Variation or termination of a football banning order £50 £215/£290 No No
WFR Wilful fire raising and culpable and reckless fire raising £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
WIR Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006 and Telecommunications Act 1984 £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes
WITR Witness citation – criminal £50 N/A N/A – no ABWOR No
WPT Wasting police time £50/£115/£195 £500/£750 Yes Yes

Children’s advice and assistance/ABWOR category codes

Code Description Initial limit ABWOR – without Board permission
ACR Age of Criminal Responsibility (Scotland) Act 2019 – Part 4 Orders inc. appeals to SAC £135 £500
CHC Children (Scotland) Act – Part II, Chapters 2 and 3 £135 N/A
CHSA Children’s Hearings (Scotland) Act 2011 £135 SLAB approval is required in certain cases. Please refer to Appendix 2, Part VII of the 2011 Act Children’s Handbook.
TACC Transfer of agency – children’s cases £135 N/A
WTCC Witness citation – children’s cases £135 N/A

Children's Legal Aid

CHSA For court hearings under the Children’s Hearings (Scotland) Act 2011
ACRI Child Interview Orders – Sheriff Court & SAC Appeals – Part 4 ACRA Act 2019
ACRDS Physical Data and Samples Orders – Sheriff Court and SAC Appeals-Part 4 ACRA Act 2019
ACRSO Search Orders- Sheriff Court and SAC Appeals – Part 4 ACR 2019 Act

Contempt of court proceedings category codes

Code Description Standard or diagnostic Advice and assistance initial limit Where PF / police reference number not available, date of offence required?
CCTC Contempt of court – civil matter Standard £120 N/A
CCT Contempt of court – criminal matter N/A £90 Yes
CTCH Contempt of court – children’s matter N/A £120 N/A

Special urgency

A Such steps as may be appropriate to intimate an intention to oppose proceedings.
B Such steps as may be appropriate to state the basis upon which proceedings are opposed.
C Such steps as may be appropriate to repone or otherwise recall a decree in absence.
D Moving to sist further procedure or opposing the recall of a sist.
E Moving to prorogate the time for compliance with any order or rule.
F Moving or opposing a motion for discharge of any diet.
G Moving for or opposing decree by default.
H Moving for or opposing a motion for summary decree.
I Initiating proceedings to avoid time-bar.
K Opposing interim orders of any kind.
L Moving for or opposing an exclusion order.
M Moving for or opposing a power of arrest.
O Opposing an application by a local authority for a permanence order under section 80 of the Adoption and Children (Scotland) Act 2007.
Q Appearing at a Child Welfare Hearing which has  been fixed under rule 33.22A of the Ordinary Cause Rules 1993.
R Obtaining warrant for inhibition on the dependence or arrestment on the dependence, including (where not already done) initiating proceedings containing  an application for such warrant, and taking steps to have the warrant executed.
S Initiating proceedings for suspension or suspension and interdict.
T Initiating or opposing appellate proceedings other than such proceedings in the Supreme Court.
U Initiating such proceedings as are necessary to enable an application to be made for interim liberation in an immigration matter.
V Initiating an application to the Court of Session which is certified by the Scottish Ministers to be a Convention application as defined in regulation 45.
W Initiating an application to the Court of Session for review of a decision of the Asylum and Immigration  Tribunal under section 103A of the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002.


Civil legal aid

Family / matrimonial / interdict

ADO Adoption
ALI Aliment
APSPF Appeal Sheriff Principal – family
BOIF Breach of interdict – family
CAPSM Capital sum
CHAG Hague Convention application (child abduction)
CONV Other Convention application
CONT Contact
CSEO Child Support Agency enforcement orders
DECMA Declarator of marriage
DECNP Declarator of non-parentage
DECNU Declarator of nullity (marriage)
DECPR Declarator of parentage/paternity
DEL Delivery
DISCP Dissolution of civil partnership
DIVAD Divorce – adultery
DIVON Divorce – one year separation
DIVTW Divorce – two year separation
DIVUN Divorce – unreasonable behaviour
DIVGR Divorce – interim gender recognition certificate
DPPAR Deprivation of parental rights and responsibilities
DSAL Division and sale
EJEC Summary ejection
EXCL Exclusion order
FAOB Minute for failure to obtemper
FLA Orders under Family Law (Scotland) Act
INTAL Interim aliment
INTAR Interdict against removal of child/children
INTDA Interdict against disposal of assets
INTNM Interdict non-molestation
INTRF Interdict against removal of furnishings and plenishings
INTF Interdict – family other
MHA Orders under Matrimonial Homes (Scotland) Act
NHOF Non-harassment order family
PARRR Parental rights and responsibilities order – section 11 Children (Scotland) Act 1995
PASA Protection from Abuse (Scotland) Act 2001
PENSS Pension splitting order
PERAL Periodical allowance
PERO Permanency Order
POA Power of arrest
RENF Reciprocal enforcement
RES Residence
SEP Separation
SETMA Setting aside minute of agreement
SPEIO Specific issue order
TRAPM Transfer of property – matrimonial home
TRAPO Transfer of property – other
TRATN Transfer of tenancy
VAR Variation

Reparation / damages proceedings

BOC Breach of contract
MEDNE Reparation – medical negligence
REP Reparation – personal injury
REPD Reparation – Equality Act 2010
REPH Reparation – housing disrepair
REPO Reparation – other/damages
REPPN Reparation – professional negligence (non-medical)


Debt / payment proceedings

ADJUC Adjudication
CIVIM Civil imprisonment
CREPA Count/reckoning/payment
DBT Debt
DELGD Delivery of goods
FORTH Furthcoming
MULPG Multiple poinding
PAY Payment
RECOM Recompense
RESTT Restitution
SEQ Sequestration
UNEN Unjustified enrichment


HDREP Housing disrepair – non-reparation
MRAM Mortgage Rights (Scotland) Act 2001 – minute
HODPD Home owners and debtor protection – defence
MRAR Mortgage Rights (Scotland) – repossession
RHPRA Recovery of heritable property – rent arrears
RHP Recovery of heritable property – other
HODPM Home owners and debtor protection – minute



APPL Appeal CGA Civic Government (Scotland) Act
APPSP Appeal to Sheriff Principal COMAP Appeals to Social Security Commissioner
APPIH Appeal to the Inner House COMCS Appeals to the Child Support Commissioner
UKSC United Kingdom Supreme Court (non family) EMAP Employment Appeal Tribunal
UKSCF United Kingdom Supreme Court (family) POAC Proscribed Organisations Appeal Commission


Other proceedings

AISA Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000
AISAW Adults with Incapacity with a welfare or welfare and financial component
AJA Administration of Justice Act
ASBO Anti-social behaviour orders – defence
BOI Breach of interdict
DDA Disability Discrimination Act – relation action non-reparation
DEC Declarator
DEFAM Defamation
DISCM Discrimination – other
EDUC Education (Scotland) Act
EXE Executry
FAI Fatal Accident Inquiry
FORF Forfeiture
INTND Interdict – neighbour disputes
INTNF Interdict – other non-family
JR Judicial review
JRASB Judicial review against the Scottish Legal

Aid Board

JRH Judicial review – housing/homelessness
JRIM Judicial review – immigration proceedings
JRSM Judicial review – against Scottish Ministers
LIC Licensing Act
MEN Mental Health Act
PCRIM Proceeds of crime – civil recovery
PETOT Petitions (other than for judicial review)
REDUC Reduction
SPEIM Specific implement
SOPO Sexual offences prevention orders under the Sexual Offences Act 2003
SUSIT Suspension & Interdict
OTH Other Civil