Concluding a case: information you should provide to help us assess whether property has been recovered or preserved

To help us assess whether, and to what extent, property has been recovered or preserved in a particular case, you should send us full information with your account, including:

  • the written pleadings (preferably the closed record),
  • a copy of the decree,
  • the joint minute or minute of agreement,
  • any supporting correspondence about the settlement,
  • all reports and information valuing the property recovered or preserved at the date of transfer or at decree,
  • information about what the applicant actually got or kept,
  • the date of transfer of property or expected date of transfer,
  • information about the prospects of recovery of any property, if transfer has not yet been effected,
  • information about whether the opponent has paid expenses and, if not, the prospects of recovery of expenses,
  • information about the opponent’s ability to pay, including details of any employer, bank accounts, or known assets.

Use this guidance to help you answer the question on the account synopsis form about whether property has been recovered or preserved.

  • If you do not give us this information, we will reject your account and will not consider it until you send the information to us.
  • If you do not, or if you give us incorrect information, we may regard this as a breach of your duty to inform us of the outcome of the proceedings in terms of regulation 26.

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