Intimation form for automatic criminal legal aid

The CRIM/COURTAPP form gives us enough information about your client and the case to enable us to issue a legal aid reference number. You should use the form:

  • In Hamilton and Airdrie where legal aid is available automatically in the youth court pilot .
  • Where automatic legal aid is available for the Glasgow drug court.
  • For automatic legal aid in the domestic abuse court pilot in Glasgow Sheriff Court.
  • In all courts in Scotland to cover the situations where automatic legal aid is available under section 22 of The Legal Aid (Scotland) Act 1986.

This includes the following, which may be the less-known provisions:

  • Whereby the court determines whether your client is insane so that the trial cannot proceed or continue
  • In relation to an examination of facts held [section 55 of the Criminal procedure (Scotland) Act 1995]
  • An appeal in cases involving insanity [section 62 or 63 of the 1995 Act]
  • An appointment of a solicitor by the court to your client accused of a sexual offence where an order has been made prohibiting the personal conduct of the client
  • where a court appointment has been made in certain cases involving child witnesses under 12, or other cases involving vulnerable witnesses
  • Offences of abusive behaviour towards a partner or ex-partner
  • Offences that are aggravated abuse of partner or ex-partner
  • An appointment of a solicitor by the court in connection with a trial in absence [section 150A of the 1995 Act]

The intimation form must also be certified by the court to confirm the proceedings qualify for automatic legal aid.

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