Many types of advice and assistance cases have a template increase available which allow us to grant one increase to cover your work without you having to come back to us for further authorisation.

Using the templates will save you time. For a templated increase, all you need to do is select the appropriate template on Legal Aid Online, provide any necessary information and confirm the expenditure sought. For some types of case you can also use the template for certain additional items of work such as employment of medical experts.

You might not always be able to use a template increase. For example the work may not be covered by one of the templates or the increase you are seeking is higher than the template allows. In these instances you can still apply for an increase but you will need to send us details about your case, what you are seeking funding for and the cost.

We do not have a set increase limit which we will not go beyond – however you should not always expect to get the level of funding you ask for.

Please use the dropdown below to check if your type of case has a template increase available and what level of expenditure this allows. If a template is not available then the tool will tell you what information you need to include when you apply for a custom increase.