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Register for Children's Legal Assistance

Every solicitor and firm wishing to provide children’s legal assistance must be entered on the Children’s Legal Assistance Register established and maintained by SLAB.

Solicitors and firms are both required to register.

To register for the Children's Legal Assistance Register please use the following forms:

Please view the Children's Legal Assistance Code of Practice

CHIP - Vision and Values statement

The Children’s Hearings Improvement Partnership (CHIP) has produced a Vision and Values Statement, which is supported by all of those organisations involved in the children’s hearings system, including SLAB and the Law Society of Scotland.

The statement aims to set clear expectations of all of those working in it, including the following key components:

Solicitors who provide representation under children’s legal assistance should have regard to the Vision and Values when working in the children’s hearings system. 

Applications for the Children’s Duty Scheme

If you would like to apply to be included on the 2016-17 Children’s Duty Scheme you must be registered on the Children’s Register.

If you are not already registered on the Children’s Legal Assistance Register:

Please complete and send the Duty Scheme application form at the same time as the Children’s Register form.

If you have already registered on the Children’s Legal Assistance Register and want to apply for the Children’s Duty Scheme:






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