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Telephone Routing - Public

Extension shortcuts for contacting us if you have Legal Aid, have applied for Legal Aid or an Opponent in a Legal Aid case

You can call 0131 226 7061 and follow the recorded messages using your phone keypad to be put through to the department or team you wish to contact.

Or you can use an extension shortcut listed below to skip the recorded messages and go directly to the department or team you wish to contact.

Steps to follow:

• Select a shortcut number from the table
• Call 0131 226 7061 and enter the shortcut number using your phone keypad during the introductory message


First choose a department… ...and then the relevant team… ..then dial shortcode
DEBT RECOVERY Are you calling to query the level of contribution? 221
  Are you calling to make a payment? 222
  All other enquiries 223
CRIMINAL Summary and transfers 211
  A&A, ABWOR, Solemn 212
CIVIL A&A ABWOR inc Asylum, Immigration and Mental Health 241
  Financial Information about your application 242
  Legal merits of an application 243
  Details regarding rejection of your financial application 244


 You can also download a Public Telephone Routing diagram for your records.