Doing business with us

This section provides you with information about how we buy goods and services.

We are committed to best value procurement and continuous improvement. All purchasing activities will be carried out in a professional and ethical manner, incorporating transparency, fairness and accountability. We actively encourage Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME) to do business with us and are committed to the developing and promoting equal opportunity for all.

Our procurement strategy is conducted in accordance with all relevant law, regulation and guidance, including:

  • The Scottish Public Finance Manual.
  • Scottish Procurement & Commercial Directorate’s (SPCD) Policy Handbook.
  • SPCD Procurement Journey.
  • SPCD Guidance including Policy Notes.
  • European Directives, obilgations and principles.
  • The McLelland Report.
  • Scots Law of contract.
  • Our Financial Memorandum.
  • Equalities legislation and best practice.
  • Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.
  • Our code of conduct.


Our policy is to award contracts through a competitive process. Contracts with a value above £10k will be advertised using the Public Contracts Scotland portal. The PCS ‘QuickQuote’ facility will also be used for lower value contracts where appropriate. The following thresholds will apply in determining which competitive process is used.

Estimated Lifetime Value of Contract Competition
Less than £1,000 Verbal enquiry with 2 suppliers
£1,000 to £10,000 Three written quotations or “QuickQuote” process
£10,000 to £50,000 Five written quotations using a “Simplified Tender” process (sealed bids) **
£50,000 to £152,000 (200,000 Euros) Five written quotations using the formal “Full Tender” process (sealed bids)
Greater than £152,000 (200,000 Euros) Official Journal European Union (OJEU) process

**Simplified in this context means that the usual criteria in relation to items such as audited accounts and the level of indemnity insurance are less onerous than for contracts greater than £50k.

Contract opportunities & award notices

Our current contract opportunities and award notices can be found on the Public Contracts Scotland website.

Sustainable procurement

We are committed to sustainable procurement. This is where the procurement process is focussed on achieving value for money on a whole life basis and generating benefits not only for us, but also for society, the economy and the environment. Issues of sustainability and corporate social responsibility will be considered and incorporated in the procurement process wherever appropriate.

Terms & conditions of contract

The following standard conditions of contract are used for all straightforward purchases and contracts. They may be varied, at our discretion, depending upon the nature of the purchase.
  • Terms & Conditions of contract for Purchase of Goods – copy available on request
  • Terms & Conditions of contract for Services – copy available on request
  • Terms & Conditions of contract for Consultancy Services – copy available on request
  • Terms & Conditions of contract for Goods and related Services – copy available on request
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