Research publications

Our research unit collects views and experiences from people about legal aid and the work of the organisation.

We carry out research with people who apply or might apply for legal assistance and with professionals who are involved or have an interest in the provision of legal aid.

We also review existing evidence on legal aid and justice issues in Scotland and in other countries.

Annual research programme: Set each year this outlines our intended work. Details of larger projects are given in the website’s news section as they happen.

Research methods: These vary, ranging from a few days reviewing literature to face to face interviewing and large scale surveys. We also commission research where necessary.

Publications: The outputs from our work can also vary greatly. They include traditional reports and papers or they may be simply a recommendation or table of figures.

For more information on our research or to discuss any of our current or planned projects please contact us.

  • Data security and online surveys

    SLAB’s research team sometimes undertakes online surveys of organisations, or individuals. We use the online survey tool ‘Survey Monkey’ to do this.

    Data security is something we take very seriously. The reasons we chose Survey Monkey included their approach to data security. Our Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with Survey Monkey specifies the use of the EU approved Standard Contractual Clauses. This means that the collection, use, transfer and retention of personal data complies with GDPR*.

    SLAB’s researchers only ask for information that is useful to the research we are doing. Survey Monkey helps us do this by allowing us some control over what information we collect.

    For example, keeping responses anonymous by not linking contact lists with individual responses. Most of the surveys we use Survey Monkey for are anonymous. If we ask someone to take part in a survey we will tell them what information we are collecting and how we will use it.

    We almost always contract out larger surveys of named individuals, such as our applicant surveys.  We check how well contractors comply with GDPR when deciding whether to use them. We only use contractors if we are satisfied that they comply with data security in line with GDPR.

    If you want more information on Survey Monkey and data security please see their website:

    *The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a legal framework that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information from individuals who live in the European Union (EU).

Published Research

Monitoring Legal Services

File Type Size
2017 Fifth Monitoring Report 1 MB | 25 March 2019 PDF 1 MB
2012 First Monitoring Report 1 MB | 26 August 2019 PDF 1 MB
2013 Second Monitoring Rport 1 MB | 26 August 2019 PDF 1 MB
2014 Third Monitoring Report 1 MB | 26 August 2019 PDF 1 MB
2015 Fourth Monitoring Report 1 MB | 26 August 2019 PDF 1 MB

Legal aid and stakeholder research

File Type Size
Children's Legal Aid - Review 70 KB | 26 March 2008 PDF 70 KB
LAOL 2010-11 - Research Briefing 64 KB | 26 March 2011 PDF 64 KB
Law Accountants Research Briefing 92 KB | 26 March 2011 PDF 92 KB
Verification of Eligibility for Advice and Assistance 157 KB | 26 March 2012 PDF 157 KB
Solicitor Contact Line (SCL) Client Survey 2016 - Research Briefing 317 KB | 26 March 2016 DOCX 317 KB
Solicitor in the Children's Hearings System - Full Research 2 MB | 26 March 2016 PDF 2 MB
Solicitor in the Children's Hearings System - Executive Summary 809 KB | 26 March 2017 PDF 809 KB
PDSO Client Satisfaction Survey - Report 853 KB | 26 March 2017 PDF 853 KB
Civil Legal Aid Applicants Survey - Findings Report 2 MB | 26 March 2017 PDF 2 MB
Making Advice Work - Evaluation Report 1 MB | 26 March 2017 PDF 1 MB
Criminal Applicant Survey - Research Briefing and Topline Results 300 KB | 26 March 2018 PDF 300 KB
Civil Solicitor Survey - Findings Report 449 KB | 26 March 2018 PDF 449 KB
Criminal Solicitor Survey - Findings Report 464 KB | 26 March 2018 PDF 464 KB
Landscape Review of Publicly Funded Legal Assistance 480 KB | 25 March 2019 PDF 480 KB
Recruitment and Retention of Lawyers - Full Findings Report 2 MB | 26 March 2019 DOC 2 MB
Child Contact Dispute - Findings Report 1 MB | 26 March 2019 PDF 1 MB
SLAB Equalities Outcomes Report Nov 2019 1 MB | 12 February 2020 DOCX 1 MB
SLAB civil solicitors survey report 1 MB | 2 November 2020 PDF 1 MB
Rural access to legal services Literature Review 1 MB | 2 November 2020 PDF 1 MB

Alternative Dispute Resolution

File Type Size
International Literature Review of Alternative Dispute Resolution 381 KB | 25 March 2019 DOCX 381 KB
Appendix 3 OFT 2010 ADR Redress Map (Scotland Only) 152 KB | 25 March 2019 PDF 152 KB
Appendix 2 Mediation Services in Scotland 86 KB | 25 March 2019 PDF 86 KB
Appendix 1 SLAB Survey of ADR 156 KB | 25 March 2019 PDF 156 KB
Overview Report of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Scotland 397 KB | 25 March 2019 DOCX 397 KB