Step 3 - Sharing client data and client consent

To collect, process, store or share personal information for the purpose of applying for SNSIAP accreditation, you must comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations 2016 (GDPR).

Most (but not all) agencies will be required to obtain consent from clients that their case files can be shared with third parties for the purposes of quality assurance. We can only peer review cases from these agencies that have this specific client consent. Other agencies may be able to rely on a different legal basis under GDPR for sharing their client case files and further information about this is available on the ICO website.

You can only share your client case files with SLAB and peer reviewers if you take steps to comply with the requirements of the GDPR. Most agencies will do this by asking for their clients’ consent. You must check that you are asking your clients for the correct type of consent to allow you to share their data with us and the peer reviewers. Go to the Sharing client data and client consent and data protection sections if you need more information about how they relate to this peer review process.

When you apply for peer review you will need to send us a list of all your housing and/or welfare benefits and/or money/debt cases from the past 12 months. We will then select cases from that list for peer review. Your list must only include cases that have third party consent (or can be shared for other reasons set out by the GDPR) and meet the definitions of Type II or Type III casework.