Guidance for applicants – Online Financial Form 2

Using the online Financial Form 2

The Online Financial Form 2 is currently only available for use by clients of solicitors firms registered to our pilot.

You recently contacted a solicitor to apply for civil legal aid. You told them you were interested in participating in this pilot and agreed to complete a Financial Form 2 online.

As part of the online process you should have been sent an email from

If you have not received an email from the above email address to your inbox, please also check your spam/junk folders.

What if I don’t receive the email?

If you have not received an email from, you can find complete a printable/fillable version of our existing Financial Form 2.

Once completed, please:

  • email it to, showing your legal aid reference number in the subject bar
  • or post to: The Scottish Legal Aid Board, Thistle House, 91 Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh, EH12 5HE

Getting started: We have provided information below about the online process

If you have queries about the online process or completing the Financial Form 2 online, please contact Kim Blance: E

  1. An email is sent to you
  2. The email will be from ‘Workspace’ or ‘Egress’
  3. The email may go into your junk folder, so make sure you check this folder.
  4. The email will look like the below example (C123456789 is an example Legal Aid Reference number):

Sceengrab of an example Online Financial Form Email


Keep your original email from workspace ( safe.

You will always access the log in page by clicking on the link in the email with the wording: Click Here To Open Secure Workspace And Access Online Form. This directs you to the workspace and online form, in the event that you need to return to a partially completed form to complete and submit to SLAB.

  • Accessing the online form for the first time
  • Logging back in
  • Once you are logged in
  • Using the online form
  • What do you do if you forget your password?