2011 Act cases concerning multiple children: multiple applications by Relevant Persons or other adult individuals not required

If your client is a relevant person or other adult individual where the case concerns more than one child in sheriff court proceedings under the 2011 Act, you only require to submit one application in respect of your individual client.

In the application:

  • you will be asked for the details of the child or children who are the subject of the proceedings
  • each child will have separate Statement of Grounds, separate applications for ICSO extensions and sometimes separate Appeal Grounds relating directly to them.

However, if the cases are to be conjoined and heard together or back to back on the same date in court, then you only need to submit one application.

Benefits of this:

  • avoids duplication of costs
  • saves you time
  • avoids your client having to pay second or multiple contributions for what is, in effect, part and parcel of one court proceeding.

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