Review of refusal of legal aid or conditions on the grant of legal aid

Under section 28H of the Legal Aid (Scotland) Act 1986 you can submit a review application if:

  • Your client has been refused children’s legal aid
  • Your client’s legal aid is subject to condition(s) and you want to review that condition

We will consider such a review application. If the decision remains refused then the review procedure is at an end. However, we will consider a fresh application if further information in support of the application for children’s legal aid becomes available.

If you have been granted legal aid subject to a condition(s), you can ask us to review this at any time. You can do this by submitting a review application or if the full legal aid application has already been granted on review you can ask us to review a condition of that grant using an online message to avoid you having to submit a second or subsequent legal aid application.

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