Glasgow Alcohol Court and other problem Solving Courts 

The Alcohol Court sits on a weekly basis in Glasgow sheriff court. This court only deals with matters post-conviction.

The Alcohol Court deals with clients appearing in the sheriff summary courts who plead guilty to, or are convicted of:

  • Charges involving violence or dishonesty.
  • Public order offences.
  • Drink driving offences.

The court deals with clients who face charges that do not include a domestic abuse aspect, and:

  • Are under 35.
  • Have two or more previous convictions.
  • Are residing in Glasgow.
Post-conviction legal aid

Cases will not be referred to the Alcohol Court at first appearance, so normal legal aid arrangements apply to this post-conviction procedure.  Where summary criminal legal aid was in place at first instance, this will continue.

As with other cases, the first two deferred sentence hearings in this court will be covered by the fixed fee, and thereafter payments of £62.59 per appearance (or £85.13 where the hearing relates to more than one complaint) can be claimed.

Other problem solving courts

We are aware that ‘problem solving courts’ with structured deferred sentences are operating in other areas including Aberdeen, Forfar, Edinburgh and Hamilton.  The current legal aid arrangements for deferred sentences also apply in these courts.

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