Review of a refusal of an application in summary proceedings

An application to review a refusal of criminal legal aid must be made within 10 days of the refusal, using Legal Aid Online. We may consider a late application where there is special reason, this reason should be provided when the application is submitted.

You should also directly address the basis on which we have refused the application, providing as much information as you can.

Fresh application submitted after refusal of earlier application

If we refuse an application on review, it is competent to submit a fresh application.

We must be persuaded that:

  • There is a special reason to consider the late application.
  • There is some significant piece of information or new narrative in support that was not provided or was not available to support the original application.

In general, where the court has adjourned the trial diet to enable an unrepresented client to apply again for legal aid, we will accept this as a special reason to accept a late application.

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