If you already have an existing PVG membership (a scheme record) there is a three step process you must carry out:

1. Complete the “Existing PVG Scheme Member Application” form

  • Go to Disclosure Scotland’s ‘Get a paper PVG form’ section on myGov.scot to request the application form.
  • Indicate at Part A , question A1, that you wish to make a Scheme Record Update and complete the relevant sections on the form.
  • Do not complete section B8 unless you are a member of a listed Regulatory Body.
  • The Law Society of Scotland is not a Regulatory Body.
  • We will complete sections E and F.
  • If you have any questions about completing the form contact Disclosure Scotland on 0870 609 6006.

2. Identification check

  • As we must be satisfied about your identity you must produce three forms of identification.
  • (*) You must take these to your local court so that the Scottish Courts and Tribunal Service (SCTS) can check them with you face to face to comply with Disclosure Scotland’s counter-signing requirements.
  • Go to the public counter in your local sheriff court or to their Civil Office if there is one.
  • Present you application from and identification to them and tell them that we require them to check your identification for your PVG update application.
  • SCTS staff will then send us copies of your identification documents via secure e mail if they are satisfied with them.
  • SCTS will delete your documents after we receive them and we will delete them when you have completed the process.

3. Send application to us

  • SCTS will give you a special envelope which you must use to send to us you application form.
  • Do not send in any other type of envelope as only a restricted number of staff deal with them to ensure your information is dealt with securely.
  • You must also enclose a cheque for £18 made payable to ‘Disclosure Scotland’ and not to us.
  • We will check you application form and, if satisfied, we will counter sign it and send it on to Disclosure Scotland along with your cheque.

(*) Covid-19

For the period of the Covid-19 restrictions, if your local court is closed or is operating on a restricted basis your firm’s Compliance Manger can check and verify that your three forms of ID are valid for the requirements of the PVG application.

Your Compliance Manager should then send an email to forbesan@slab.org.uk confirming that they have verified your ID and attach a copy of the first page of your PVG application and the three forms of your ID they have seen.

Your PVG application including the appropriate Disclosure Scotland processing fee should be sent in a sealed envelope to:

PVG Application, FAO Ann Forbes-Partington, The Scottish Legal Aid Board, Thistle House, 91 Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh, EH12 5HE. 

Copies of your ID do not require to be submitted with your PVG application form.

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