How we assist you in high cost/complex cases

Where we identify a potentially high cost case, we will nominate a staff solicitor or dedicated staff case specialist who will learn the facts and circumstances of the particular case. You can contact that person directly, assured that they will understand the details of the case and your approach to it with a view to avoiding repetition of the background details.

The contact can:

  • Advise on all aspects of post-certificate work.
  • Help you avoid obstacles to preparing the case efficiently and effectively.
  • Advise on any potential accounts issue or refer you to an appropriate accounts specialist.

Using your dedicated contact should allow us to:

  • Reduce administration.
  • Reduce the number of occasions when we have to ask for more information or supporting documentation.
  • Allow us to make faster and better informed decisions first time.
  • Assist the court process.


How our dedicated contact may help you with a high cost case

We will contact you if we identify a case as potentially high cost. Equally, you may contact us if you think a case is likely to meet the above criteria and potentially lead to higher costs.

We will give you the direct contact details of the solicitor or dedicated staff specialist allocated to the case for its duration.

Meeting with legal representatives

In some cases, we may seek an early meeting with you (and counsel if appropriate) to discuss particular preparation and potential accounts issues.

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