Our role in identifying and avoiding duplication of work across high cost cases

The use of a dedicated staff member to identify and avoid the duplication of work is only appropriate where there is no conflict of interest in the sharing of information or resources.

In multi accused proceedings where we receive separate requests for the employment of expert witnesses or junior counsel, we may suggest the employment of one expert witness or one junior counsel to deal with an identified aspect of the case.

Where appropriate:

  • Precognitions should be shared whenever possible which, in turn, may avoid distress or inconvenience to witnesses.
  • Transcription of evidence can be the subject of one grant of prior approval and made available to those representing the various accused persons.

If you disagree with our approach in a case or with a decision of the dedicated member of staff in the context of a particular sanction request, you are entitled to discuss our approach and, if necessary, seek a review of any decision.

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