Legal Aid Online applications for solemn legal aid

You should apply to us using Legal Aid Online.

We require that your client complete an accurate declaration that must be signed by them. This is a pre-requisite of a valid application.

The client’s declaration

To ensure this is completed correctly, you should note this guidance:

  • The form must be signed by or on behalf of the nominated solicitor to confirm that they are willing to act in the case
  • Another solicitor may sign the declaration on behalf of the nominated solicitor
  • Complete all parts of the online form
  • You must also send us evidence of your client’s income, outgoings and capital.

We are provided with copies of the relevant petition, any previous convictions and summary of evidence directly from the Crown Office. Where the Crown link is unable to provide a copy, we may ask you to submit scanned copies of these documents.

Where your client is not present:

When you see clients face to face they must sign the declaration.  If the client is present and cannot sign, or if the client is not present, you should indicate that you are signing on behalf of your client and give the date of your remote consultation with the client. In these circumstances you must explain the terms of the declaration to the client and obtain their verbal consent to its terms.


See our guidance on solicitor and applicant signatures.



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