Payment for diagnostic work where standard A&A later becomes available

If, after you have approved and provided advice and assistance by way of a diagnostic interview, we agree with you that standard advice and assistance should be available: standard advice and assistance is effectively substituted for the diagnostic interview;

  • advice and assistance subject to the initial level of authorised expenditure, whether £95 or £180, is in place from the effective date of the initial grant;
  • the diagnostic interview is deemed never to have taken place;
  • the work is paid at the same level and there is no question of any work carried out, exceeding £35 but within the £95 (or £180) limit, being struck out because it exceeded the initial authorised limit of expenditure for a diagnostic interview that was in place when we agreed to the uplift to standard advice and assistance.

In these circumstances you lodge one account for all the work undertaken from the date you admitted the client to advice and assistance.

Further diagnostic grants

The effect of this is that you are entitled to provide a further diagnostic interview if your client seeks this within three months from the commencement of the previous advice and assistance (subject, of course, to the advice being reasonable and appropriate).

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Diagnostic interview

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