Dedicated contact from us in high cost/complex cases

How our dedicated contact can help with high cost cases

Where we identify a high cost case, we will allocate responsibility for it to a member of staff. You can approach this nominated member of our team in the knowledge that they will understand the circumstances surrounding the case and your approach to it.

How our dedicated contact can help with high cost cases

The contact can:

  • Advise on all aspects of post-grant work
  • Help you prepare cases efficiently and effectively
  • Advise on potential accounts issues, giving you a better assurance of payment when you send us your account

Using your dedicated contact should allow us to:

  • Reduce bureaucracy for you
  • Reduce the number of occasions when we have to ask for more information or supporting documentation and when we have to review our decisions
  • Allow us to make faster and better informed decisions

Contacting us about high cost/complex cases

We will contact you if we identify a case as potentially high cost and complex. However, if you think a case is likely to lead to high costs then you may want to tell us about it so we can help you with it.

We will give you the name, direct dial telephone number and email address of the member of staff assigned to the case



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High cost and complex cases

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