Avoiding delays in decisions being made on Civil Financial Form 2

This update is to highlight the importance of sending us certain required financial information to avoid delays in decisions being made on applications.

When you or your client are sending in bank statements with the completed financial eligibility Form 2 please ensure that the balance columns are clearly visible within each statement.

We have recently seen an increase in statements being sent where the balance columns are not showing.

This means we need to write out to the applicant asking for these to be sent. This adds a delay to us being able to make a decision on their application.

We have clarified this requirement in the information box within Form 2’s ‘Section H – Bank accounts and assets’ as follows:

“You need to send us statements for the last three months for all accounts declared above. These need to be three months in a row. For example June, July and August not June, July and then September. These statements need to show all transactions credited and debited and the balances during these periods. We won’t be able to consider your application without this evidence.” 

Your help with this is much appreciated and will ensure fewer applications are rejected as incomplete.

For more information

Please contact: Cindy Morrice, Civil Finance Manager E: morriceci@slab.org.uk

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