Civil firm activity filter added to our website solicitor finder

We have added an activity filter to our website’s popular solicitor finder tool.

The intention is to give members of the public with a civil case a better idea of the firms that have recently done that category of work when searching for a solicitor.

The activity filter should help both potential clients and firms by targeting calls at only those firms who have done the selected civil case type in the last 12 months.

The solicitor finder is used frequently and allows searches by aid type, civil category and location, with results available in list or map format.

Why add an activity filter?

Previously the civil information for searching the solicitor finder relied on firms providing us with the case types they would consider when contacted by potential new clients.

Those firms that didn’t provide the case type information wouldn’t appear in the search results – and firms that didn’t update them would potentially get calls from people looking for help with case types that were no longer being taken.

To lessen the likelihood of inaccurate details and ensure potential clients are getting up to date information we will be adding activity data from our system every month. This will show which firms have done work in the last 12 months in each of the 18 civil case categories.

Anyone searching will have the option of using the activity filter to see the firms active in a specific civil case type.

By not selecting the activity filter they will also be able to view those firms that have said they would take that type of case but haven’t done so in the previous 12 months.

Accessibility and updating firm information

The solicitor finder also allows searches to be filtered to only give results for firms who have provided information on the accessibility of their offices.

If your firm would like to update their details or provide accessibility information please use our online form.

The Solicitor finder is in the ‘New to legal aid’ section of our website.

More information

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