Consultation launched about our policies on advice and assistance (A&A) and ABWOR

We are seeking views from the profession and others in a consultation launched today about our policies on the provision of advice and assistance (A&A) and assistance by way of representation (ABWOR) across the full range of civil, criminal and children’s cases.

What are we consulting on?

We have been reviewing our operational policies in relation to A&A and are now seeking your views of how these policies are working and your experiences of providing A&A generally.

There are a large number of policy areas within advice and assistance across the three aid types: in some of these areas, solicitors are responsible for making decisions, rather than SLAB, so we are keen to understand how the current system is working for you.

While there are no specific changes to policy which we are proposing in this consultation, we are keen to use this exercise to gain insight into any concerns you have with our current practices (including any unanticipated consequences of our policies) as well as changes that we could consider in future.

We are also seeking to find out what you can tell us about any possible impacts for equality groups which we ought to be considering.

The GALA project

These consultations are part of a process that will see us more clearly stating our policies and guidance for those applying for legal aid and for our staff in assessing the information provided.

The consultations form part of our Guidance on the Administration of Legal Aid (GALA) project and follow work we’ve been doing with Scottish Government colleagues to agree a programme of work that can give effect to some of the themes set out in the government’s consultation on reforming legal aid.

Consultation document and how to respond

Please download the consultation document for full details and for information on how to respond, including an online form.

The consultation closes at 5pm on Monday 6 November 2023.

If you have any questions about the consultation, please contact us by email at

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