Covid-19: Form of application to restart action in Sheriff Court

The Scottish Courts and Tribunal Service has issued guidance in relation to the restarting of certain categories of civil business in the sheriff courts, where it can be carried out remotely and where earlier resolution would be beneficial.

Where the action is one that can be progressed remotely, a ‘Form of application to restart action’ may require to be framed and made to the courts.

We have had a number of enquiries from solicitors as to how this work should be charged.

We can confirm that for accounts that are chargeable in terms of Schedule 6 (block fees) of the Civil Legal Aid (Scotland) (Fees) Regulations 1989, a solicitor will be entitled to charge for this work in line with the prescribed fee for motions and minutes.

For cases chargeable on the basis of Schedule 5 (detailed fees) the relevant framing, signing and lodging fees should be charged.

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