Further LAOL system improvements and enhancements

There is information below on the following improvements and enhancements that have been made to the online system (LAOL):

  • Submission of accounts on paper
  • iPhone & Android device display improvements
  • ABWOR Time and Line Accounts – Expenditure limits
  • ABWOR definition of ‘diet’
  • System Security improvements.

Submission of accounts on paper

We have removed the need to enter a date on the paper work items to make the submission of these accounts more seamless. You will now only be required to enter amounts within these work items.

LAOL improvements paper accounts

iPhone & Android device display improvements

Improvements have been made to the display of accounts and negotiations that we had been made aware of.

ABWOR Time and Line Accounts – Expenditure limits

We have made improvements in Criminal ABWOR Time and Line cases where the substituted initial limit of £165 may apply.

You will now be asked to confirm if the upper limit should apply:

  • Where representation involved a second or subsequent diet, and
  • You have not selected the option to increase the initial limit to £165.

ABWOR definition of 'diet'

We previously announced that the Scottish Government was allowing us to interpret the definition of ABWOR and the term ‘diet’ in regulation 6 of the 2003 ABWOR regulations to include representation by way of written exchanges for the duration of the Covid-19 restrictions only.

As a result you can now grant ABWOR for eligible clients in cases where they will not attend a physical calling of the case to represent their client.

A further field has now been added to the ABWOR application.

You should select the appropriate type of representation provided

When asked for the date of the plea (or CWP), for Written Representations enter the date the written plea or request was submitted

You can then proceed with the application in the normal manner

LAOL ABWOR definition of diet

System Security improvements

We need you to update us with an email address specific to you (not a generic company email) in the new screen as a part of upcoming improvements to the security of the online system.

This can be accessed from the main page and clicking on the link [See screenshot below].

Why must the email be specific to you?

Please note, this email address must be unique to you. This is because it will be used for the forgotten password function and alerts if your password has been changed.

It will also be used for exchanges with the SLAB helpdesk team.

LAOL email address

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