Covid-19: Initial four-point plan to help address concerns of legal profession

An update from Colin Lancaster on urgent planning for revised arrangements during the current Covid-19 crisis.

Covid-19 is a serious challenge to the justice system and for all of us who keep the justice system working for the benefit of society.

People may be turning now more than ever to solicitors, advocates and advisors to help support their rights in difficult times.

It is in all our interests that the lawyers and advisors are supported at this time.

Over the last few days my staff have responded by developing changes to the legal aid system to support a fundamentally different way of working in a rapidly shifting landscape.

Lawyers are adapting and coping with seismic shifts in the operation of the justice system and the running of their businesses, all in the face of huge financial uncertainty. We want to do all we can to help.

We have developed an initial four point plan to help address the concerns of the profession at this time.

This is outlined below, with more detail available by clicking on the appropriate point.

This plan addresses concerns shared with us by the Law Society of Scotland, the Glasgow Bar Association and solicitors up and down the country who have responded quickly and constructively to our call for ideas via the email address.

We will communicate further on the changes we are able to make to our interim payment schemes as soon as these are ready.

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